Photo Credit: Danny Weiss

Photo Credit: Danny Weiss

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
at Pioneer Theatre Company 

"O’Keefe’s honest portrayal of Ed as a dutiful and humane father, struggling to balance a dysfunctional family and raise a child with special needs adds a countering and welcomed dimension to Bryan’s performance. O’Keefe’s intensity and empathy bring the character of Ed to life with realistic and heartfelt passion."
-The Daily Utah Chronicle
"Tom O’Keefe’s performance as Ed, Christopher’s father, is one of the show’s emotional anchors. O’Keefe makes us believe Ed’s love for his son. "
-Salt Lake Tribune
"As Christopher’s father, Tom O’Keefe portrays a reserved, comforting parent struggling to raise a special needs child on his own and captures the everyday rollercoaster of love and anguish. His loyalty and desire for a connection with a person who doesn’t know how to emotionally connect is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time."
-Deseret News
"Standing out is Tom O’Keefe in the equally difficult role of Christopher’s father."
-Salt Lake Magazine
 "O’Keefe (who was memorably brilliant in 2015’s Outside Mullingar) accomplishes an affecting exploration of an inherently patient and kind man when almost every aspect of his life keeps said patience under constant siege."

Vanity Fair at The Pearl

 "Bedlam regular O'Keefe also dominates the stage with his irresistible humor" 
"An Equity ensemble comprised of Zachary Fine, Brad Heberlee, Tom O'Keefe, Joey Parsons, Ryan Quinn and Debargo Sanyal must be given the utmost credit for a truly wonderful performance."
"Tom O’Keefe delivers both serious and outrageous characters with finesse."

Bedlam's 12th Night and What You Will at Central Square Theater

"The skilled quintet includes director Eric Tucker, Kelley Curran, Edmund Lewis, Susannah Millonzi, and Tom O’Keefe, all of whom play multiple roles. They bring Shakespeare’s play to life with a sheer joy in creation that proves infectious."
- The Boston Globe

DeadDogPark at 59E59 Theaters

"Now is the time to see DEAD DOG PARK, ... the play's talented cast will keep you throughly captivated. They master the emotionally charged scenes that provide a rare, insider's view of the people affected by a high-profile, controversial event. The remarkable acting talents of this troupe bring the story to full life with fast-paced, perfectly timed dialogue."
"Dead Dog Park is proof that theater can be vocal, aware, present, raging and engaging ... Tom O’Keefe, in a humanizing performance, is the anti-hero Officer Rob McDonald ... In O’Keefe’s hands, Officer McDonald is an examination of the unsuccessful and undereducated social class. O’Keefe discovers something raw and fragile in Officer McDonald, a man who is, essentially, completely alone in the world."

-Artem Yatsunov, Theatre is Easy

Outside Mullingar at Pioneer Theatre Company

"Pioneer Theatre Company’s exceptional production of John Patrick Shanley’s Outside Mullingar featured superb performances by all four cast members. Max Robinson and Tom O’Keefe’s father-son relationship, full of nuance and depth, and the diffident chemistry between O’Keefe and Amy Bodnar was the best acting I saw on any Utah stage this year.

—Christopher T. Lewis, UTBA

"The four actors — whether arguing or sharing stories — are so comfortable together that it's easy to accept that they've always known each other. As Anthony, Tom O'Keefe wears the uneasy air of someone who knows he doesn't fit in and wonders if he will ever find what he needs."

-Barbara M. Bannon, Salt Lake Tribune

Twelfth Night or What You Will & What You Will or Twelfth Night
(Theatre Bedlam)

"O'Keefe was equally appealing and charming while tackling the jester Feste and the long-lost brother Sebastian (and Sebastian's sister and Cesario and more -- it's that kind of double bill). His singing and playing of tunes in Twelfth Night (he did the musical composition along with Ted Lewis) was very winning. And his Feste was a marvel. The Twelfth Night version of Feste was winningly sly and sexy, to the point where one wondered why Olivia didn't fall for him. The What You Will Feste was childlike without ever condescending. And his Sebastian was soulful, somehow letting you believe he fell immediately in love and would indeed get married at the drop of a hat. As with all the actors involved, I can't wait to see him again."

—Michael Giltz, Huffington Post

"Every so often, evidence arises that acting might just be the most satisfying profession on the planet.Take the company called Bedlam, which is putting on not one but two inspired productions of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” in a small and airless room in the garment district that seats about 50, and making you feel like its members are the luckiest people alive."

— Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Hamlet and Saint Joan (Theatre Bedlam)

"Mr. O’Keefe’s excellent Claudius, in 'Hamlet,' provides the most psychologically intricate interpretation."
"[R]ounded out by the first-rate chameleons Edmund Lewis and Tom O'Keefe."

— Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Tom O'Keefe… pull[s] fresh selves out of [his hat] like the colored scarves in a magic show." 

Terry Teachout, The Wall Stret Journal

"O'Keefe gives a poignant edge to Claudius." 

Celia Wren, The Washington Post

"O’Keefe, who does a splendid job portraying the church hierarchy, everyone from Peter Cauchon and Archbishop Rheims to D’Estivet, also does an exquisite job as the high-minded Inquisitor, handling his long, difficult speeches with ease. Of all the performers, O’Keefe amazed us with the dexterity of his transitions from one character to another—turning on a dime."

— Robert Michael Oliver, Marlyand Theatre Guide